Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Pentacle, and Pentagram.

The Pentacle is a secret symbol who origins are rooted in the ancient times. It bears spiritual significance for a lot of cultures and religions groups. It is representative of  spirituality and security. The Pentacle is a Pentagram that is contained withing a circle.
 How ever the Pentacle may sometime be featured with out a circular bored, in which case it is referred to as a pentagram. 
(talk about me repeating myself all you like)
In ancient text the Pentacle is inscribed with different symbols and characters in addition the symbol was more often in the shape of a hexagram, then a Pentagram creating ambiguity in the association between the symbol and the number 5. Pentacles are usually made of parchment, paper or metal were you will find the five poined symbol is engraved. It can be used as an amulet during magical evocation by pagans.
( I was going to make a narrow catigory, but I know a lot of Pagan's who use the pentacle, but don't fall into a catiogory, such as myself.)
The Pentacle can also contain engravings on the reverse side as well as other protective symbols. Pagans also use this symbol to identify other users of Magick. This is more commonly found among people who are still in the broom closet. 
In Wiccan culture the Pentacle represents the interaction of the body and spirit, as well as the individuals spiritual dominance over the four elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire.
It was also traced to the Goddess Kore. From the little I looked up Kore's scared fruit is the apple, which when cut at the equator revels a pentagram. The seeds mark the points.
The Pentacle also appears in the Hebrew Scripture as the first seal.


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