Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Spiritual Creed

These are mine and mine alone. You may not agree with them, or even practice them. I care not. These are simple MINE, your opinion is not needed.

1. Preserve the Environment, to the best of YOUR ability.

2. Honor YOURSELF and OTHERS. YOUR body is your temple, worship it daily.

3. Respect OTHERS life choices as you would expect them to respect yours. 

5. View Sexuality as part of the life cycle. "Numinous and scard" 

6. Understand each action has a reaction, understand each thing you do, and remember what you send forth comes back three times.

7. Honor the Goddess

Rule of Three

The Rule of Three is simple. There is no need for me to make some big long post about it. I live by this Rule as should a lot of people. 

Rule of Three

What goes around, comes around
 Not just once, but three times.

It is two simple sentence, seems pretty simple to me, but a lot of people have trouble with this, even me. It dose not matter if your casting a spell or wishing harm on another, it all falls under this. I have a good Money Spell that follows this rule, I will post it later and link back.

The Wiccan Rede

This is the short one I have on my Book of Shadows. I am sure there are longer versions out there, but this is the one I have. It is easier for me to memories the shorter stuff. 

The Wiccan Rede

Bide the Wiccan Law ye must
In perfect love, in perfect trust
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill 
An ye harm none, do what ye will
 What ye send forth comes back to thee
so ever mind the Rule of Three
Follow this with mind and heart,
and Merry ye meet, and Merry ye part

That is it. If you want to know what the Rule of Three is check out my next post. I will link back here.

If you want to see the longer version you can go HERE. This is not my work, and it is off sight, so if you get lost, I can't help you find your way back. The inter-webs are like a maze, and its every man or woman for him or her self. 

Stones Alphabet

I do not use stones much but here is the list I have. It is just a throw together of my own and other peoples. If you know of a stone I have not listed make a comment and I will look into it. 

Agate - Looks like eyes, used to protect from the evil eye, used in protection magick.

Amber - Loar say it comes from the tears of the setting sun. It is used as a fire stone, used in healing magick and to capture disease 

Amethyst - A spiritaul stone used in meditation, enhance and remembering dreams, cultivating wisdom, developing psychic ability, attract success and prosperity, self control, business cunning, courage safety in battle.

Apache Tears - Carry for luck

Aquamarine - Gift of the Sea Goddess. Power of the full moon, Manifest harmony, bravery, intuitive, awareness, clarity, stronger connection to supper conscious. Good for healing, AID in creative process, awareness on other levels of reality. 

Azrite - Blue color makes it good for dreams and harmony

Beryl - Promote harmony in relationships success in legal matters and motivation

Bloodstone - Healing, connect deeply with planetary energy, wish fulfillment, success, understanding weather omens, safe guard health, really lucky for Pisces 

Calcite - Comes in lots of colors Potential for many magical uses, energy good for spiritual growth, inner healing, improve focus. 

Carnelian - Pale to deep brownish red stone, Protection

Cats Eye - vision, especially inner, Superstition say it manifest Luck, beauty, prosperity.

Chalcedony - Good for fortune, Protect from evil, improved communication and attitudes. 

Chrysocalla -  Banish fear, and reestablish logic 

Citrine - good for banishing nightmares, improving psychic ability

Diamond - Bravery, strength, clarity development

Emerald - Clairvoyance, divination, healing, growth, support ,magick for faith, for knowledge, resourcefulness, when it is worn with Aventine another green stone the two rid body of cancer 

Flourite - Strengthen the mind, and thinking skill 

Garnet - Used in the middle ages to protect from nightmares, devotion, good health, kindness, non- gemstone is available 

Jade - Make into an amulet to encourage prosperity, enhance beauty, inspire harmony, love, longevity, "green thumb" low quality available. 

Jasper - red is good for love spells, passion, Brown is good for healing. It also comes in yellow, and green. Most are found in a reddish brown. Protection

Lapis Lazul - Open psychic channels improve, magick insight happiness meditation, focus, dealing with children, upper chakras

Malachite - Lite to dark green can be attached to a child crib to improve sleep, carried for protection, remain aware of forth coming danger and problems. (I used this for my son as a new born and he was sleeping through the night by 3 months.)

Moon Stone - Under the rue of the moon. Has a similar energy as luner sphere used to motivate, foresight, enhance vividness of dreams and dream recalls   

Obsudan - use for scrying mirrors. 

Onyx -  Banishing and absorbing negative energy, good for grounding in magick work, helps brake deeply ingrained habits, physical or emotional, wear when facing adversaries 

Opal- Luck stone, improves memory 

Pearl - Symbol of goddess Moon and Water, Good for spells dealing with love, happiness, and prosperity. 

Peridot - (Chrysolite) set in gold gems, turn away evil nightmares and malevolent, prosperity 

Quartz - All purpose magick stone represents infinite potential color varies 

Rose Quartz - Healing, balance amplify psychic energy, often used in other stones for particular uses. 

Ruby - Excellent amulet for healing mental clarity harmony stimulates passion , unconditional love 

Sapphire - divine blessing understanding omens luck success improved meditation states and devotion 

Tiger's Eye - Self Confidence, freedom to follow your own path, carry into battle for safety, spells for improved stamina, good for fortune and prosperity 

Tourmaline - No known ancient usage, varies in color, good for Balance 

Turquoise - Safety in travel, rain magick visual activity, strengthen friendships and awareness. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Colors Alphabet

Amber - psychic sensitivity 

Black - removing hexes, protection, spirit contact

Blue - element of water, dreams, protection, health

Brown - element of earth, physical objects perseverance

Gold - success, power, prosperity, healing energy

Green - element of earth, lady luck, healing, balance, money

Lavender - spiritual and physical development, divination 

Orange - balance, clearing mind, healing, attract a need or want

Pink - healing, love, friendship

Purple - spiritual power and development, business matters, spiritual wisdom

Red - element of fire, passion, sexual energy, courage, enthusiastic

Silver - psychic development, beginnings, intuition, meditation 

Violet - psychic development, awareness, intuition   

White - understanding, clarity, peace, protection, truth

Yellow - element of air, contracts divination, mental clarity, creativity 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Aromic Oils Alphabetic

Acacia - Meditation, purification

Almond - Vitality, energy boost

Basil - Harmony

Bay - Love spells, prophetic dreams 

Bayberry - Money spells

Ceder - Instills courage, protection, money, prosperity

Clove - healing, love spells increase sexual desire 

Frankincense - Prosperity, protection, psychic awareness

Honeysuckle - Mental clarity, money

Jasmine - Love spells, meditation, sweeten situation 

Lavender - healing, purification, love spells 

Mint - love spells

Rue - Protection

Sage - Cleansing, Wisdom

Vervain - Money Spells, Fertility

Ylang- Ylang -Aphoristic love spell, increase sexual desire 

Herbs Alphabetical.

Acacia- For meditation, Ward off evil, attract money

Angelica- For Temperance, Guard against evil

Anise - Protection, burn seeds as meditative Incense. 

Balm - Sooths emotional pain, mitigates fear 

Bay - Heals, purifies, good for divination, psychic development and awareness.

Burdock - Purifies and cleanses Protection, psychic awareness, wards of Negativity 

Catnip - Insight, love, happiness

Chamomile - Bless a person, place, thing, meditation, sleep, attract money.

Cinquefoil - Energy, memory, stimulator, speak you mind, Protection eloquence in speech and in divination, healing.

Clove - Rid of negative energy, cleansing

Clovers - heightens psychic awareness, love, divination

Daisy - Attracts good luck, love divination

Elder - Protection, healing

Foxglove - Heightens sexuality

Frankincense - Meditation power, psychic vision used mainly as incense

Garlic - Personal protection, healing, lift depression

Ginger - Love assistance for quick manifest

Hawthorne - Success, happiness, fertility, protection

Jasmine - Peace harmony, sweeten situation or person attract money prophetic dreams

Lavender - healing, spiritual and psychic development, love spells

Mandrake - TOXIC! HANDLE WITH CARE, DO NOT BURN OR INHALE: Use in amulets for protection, good luck, fertility

Marigold - love, healing, psychic awareness, marriage spells, success in legal matters

Mint - Speeds up results in spells, prosperity, healing, and attract money

Mug-worth - AS A TEA: Aids in divination, psychic development awareness, meditation good for washing crystals 

Myrrh - BURN WITH FRANKINCENSE: for protection, healing, concentration

Nettle - mitigates thorny situation, gossip and envy

Parsley - Protection, calming effect, ease money problems, healing spells.

Rosemary - Protection, love, health, improve memory

Rue - Strengths will power, good for health, speeds recovery from illness and surgery expels negativity 

Sage - Excellent for cleansing a place with negative energy, protection, wisdom mental clarity, attracts money. 

Sandlewood - Protection, spiritual communication, conjuring good spirits, healing

Skullcap - Relaxation before magickal practice 

Thyme - helps focus energy preparing for magic 

Var-vain - Cleanses negative vibes, protection, boost to spirits, attracts riches, creativity divination and aphrodisiac  

Willow - love, protection, conjuring spirits, healing 

Wormwood - POISONS IF BURNED, SO DO NOT BURN: Facilitation spirit communication, love, used in charms, enhance psychic ability 

Yarrow - divination, love, protection, enhance psychic ability

If you deiced to go off and kill someone with the 2 poisons I listed I will not be heal responsible for you stupidity. You may have got the list from me, but I did not help in the plaining or buying of it. BTW Killing people is wrong, so maybe you should rethink doing stuff like that. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Beginning.

If you have found your way here then take a moment to think about what you are getting into. My name is Shadow and I am a Pagan. I don't follow my religion to the T. I am experimental with each part of my religion. I have many beliefs and I think it is time I write them down. I have a book of shadows. I right everything in it. I have recipes and brews. I have songs and chants. I have all the stuff you would find in a Pagan's Book of Shadows. I am going to put it all down here. I am going to start from the first page of my book of shadows and go to my last, then keep going. This is going to be my new book of shadows.
 I start now.