Friday, October 29, 2010

Herbs Alphabetical.

Acacia- For meditation, Ward off evil, attract money

Angelica- For Temperance, Guard against evil

Anise - Protection, burn seeds as meditative Incense. 

Balm - Sooths emotional pain, mitigates fear 

Bay - Heals, purifies, good for divination, psychic development and awareness.

Burdock - Purifies and cleanses Protection, psychic awareness, wards of Negativity 

Catnip - Insight, love, happiness

Chamomile - Bless a person, place, thing, meditation, sleep, attract money.

Cinquefoil - Energy, memory, stimulator, speak you mind, Protection eloquence in speech and in divination, healing.

Clove - Rid of negative energy, cleansing

Clovers - heightens psychic awareness, love, divination

Daisy - Attracts good luck, love divination

Elder - Protection, healing

Foxglove - Heightens sexuality

Frankincense - Meditation power, psychic vision used mainly as incense

Garlic - Personal protection, healing, lift depression

Ginger - Love assistance for quick manifest

Hawthorne - Success, happiness, fertility, protection

Jasmine - Peace harmony, sweeten situation or person attract money prophetic dreams

Lavender - healing, spiritual and psychic development, love spells

Mandrake - TOXIC! HANDLE WITH CARE, DO NOT BURN OR INHALE: Use in amulets for protection, good luck, fertility

Marigold - love, healing, psychic awareness, marriage spells, success in legal matters

Mint - Speeds up results in spells, prosperity, healing, and attract money

Mug-worth - AS A TEA: Aids in divination, psychic development awareness, meditation good for washing crystals 

Myrrh - BURN WITH FRANKINCENSE: for protection, healing, concentration

Nettle - mitigates thorny situation, gossip and envy

Parsley - Protection, calming effect, ease money problems, healing spells.

Rosemary - Protection, love, health, improve memory

Rue - Strengths will power, good for health, speeds recovery from illness and surgery expels negativity 

Sage - Excellent for cleansing a place with negative energy, protection, wisdom mental clarity, attracts money. 

Sandlewood - Protection, spiritual communication, conjuring good spirits, healing

Skullcap - Relaxation before magickal practice 

Thyme - helps focus energy preparing for magic 

Var-vain - Cleanses negative vibes, protection, boost to spirits, attracts riches, creativity divination and aphrodisiac  

Willow - love, protection, conjuring spirits, healing 

Wormwood - POISONS IF BURNED, SO DO NOT BURN: Facilitation spirit communication, love, used in charms, enhance psychic ability 

Yarrow - divination, love, protection, enhance psychic ability

If you deiced to go off and kill someone with the 2 poisons I listed I will not be heal responsible for you stupidity. You may have got the list from me, but I did not help in the plaining or buying of it. BTW Killing people is wrong, so maybe you should rethink doing stuff like that. 


Asha said...

I'm sure you knew I'd follow you here. lol I think it is great that you are sharing your Book of Shadows. I'm very interested to peruse it. By the way, I have read MANY books by Ellen Dugan. That woman is a genius when it comes to herbs...but I'm sure you know that. Take care.

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