Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Casting A Circle, Should You?

At one time or another while setting up for your dance around the fire, you have thought, "Should I cast a circle?, Is it really necessary?" and the most common among us Noobs, "How do I cast a Circle?" I will try to answers those to the best of my ability. 

Should I cast a Circle?
If you want to, its up to you. I am one of those people that think, if your gonna practice Magick, do it your way. Sometimes I will lay down a circle if I'm in the mood, other times a throw some salt around, sit down and get to work. Then other times, I throw down a pillow and get to work with out so much as a salt circle, or much of a blessing. 

Is it really Necessary?
Do you think it is? If you think you need to then, yes it is necessary. If you don't think its necessary, then its not. If you feel better casting one then by all means, get to it. If you want to cast one, but don't know how I think I can help with that. 

How do I cast a Circle? 
Well you can do it any way you want to. It can be as big as you want or as small as you want. I lay down my circle with white chalk. Just draw a circle. I say a small blessing depending on what I am doing, to what ever deity I am doing it to. Some people draw a Pentagram and put a candle at each corner. They say a blessing at each corner. They use all kinds of things, and you can too. If you wanna do like I do, then get some chalk, a little salt to sprinkle around the circle, and get to work. If you wanna cast a really big circle, then get all the things you think you need. Chalk, Salt, Candles, Cloth, all the good stuff, and have fun. If your not having fun while your doing Magick, then your not doing it right. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Magick and You

That word Magick has struck fear into the hearts of million since the start of time. When I hear the word, I get a warm feeling in the pit of my tummy, and my toes curl. I smile.


It is such a big part of my life. I use it more then people think I do. Nothing big, simple Magick. If I am making soup I say a blessing and use my hands to bless it. I put the Magick in my food, what ever I am in need of at the moment, luck, love, safety.

There are many different view on Magick, each unique to each of us. I guess I should answer a few key questions about Magick.

What is Magick?
Magick to me is the act of putting intentions and goals into actions. 

How dose Magick work?
This is the million dollar question. Dose it work empirically or psychologically? I can't really say. If you cast a spell and a week later what you asked for happens, did it happen because of the spell or because you motivated yourself to work harder at whatever it was. I however believe its both. You cast a spell and the universe starts working with you to accomplish the goal, and you continue to work to get it done. Its like if you cast a spell to lose 30lbs, but you don't eat right and excuse then no your not going to lose weight. You cast a spell to lose weight and the universe might motivate you to lose it, but your not gonna wake up 30lbs lighter. If in 3 weeks you have lost that weight, then the spell worked. 

Magick is just praying, right? 
No, Magick is not praying. With pray you are asking a deity to help you get something done. With Magick you are using you own will to get it done, all though a witch may ask for help from a deity. However Witches do pray. I pray all the time. I pray for snow during the winter, and wind during the summer. Those are not things I can control, so I pray to the Deity that dose control those things to give them to me. 

Dose Magick really Work?
The short answer for this one is simply put as Yes. The longer answer is Magick like anything else in your life is just a tool. You have to use it the right way to get the out come you want. Magick is all about the person casting it. Magick also has bounders. Let me explain. 
Like all tools in life, the more you use them the better you will be. If you give me a saw and ask me to cut wood, I am gonna be like a new born baby.  Magick like any tool takes practice. The more you use it, the better your gonna get. 
Magick sometimes dose not work the way you want it to sometimes. Magick has a mind of its own if you don't do it the right way. If you don't give Magick a specific goal, or action it could do what you asked it, but not the way you wanted it done. For example you want more hours at work, and a few of your friends get fired. You got what you wanted, but maybe not the way you wanted it.
 Maybe you did ask for something specific and you got a different out come. Well then you have to take in account other things. Like other energy.
Magick is not the only thing that causes things to happen. You have to take into account all of the factors of life, and law. Gravity, makes things come down, Social Pressure makes you lose out on a promotion(sometimes), and Lack of Money makes you unable to get that really nice hand bag. You have to take into account other people, their wills, and the universe actions. 

Can you Prove Magick Work? 
 Lets look at this. 
If you cast a spell to find a nicer job is it because of the spell, or because you looked harder to find a better job. For me, it dose not matter one way or the other. If I have a nicer job, I don't care if I got it through dancing around my fire and casting a spell or if it because I worked harder at getting one. You can believe how you want to but I think Magick dose not MAKE things happen, it gives you the motivation and the WILL to get things done. Can I prove Magick works? No. Do I think it works? Yes. Do you have to agree? No

What can I do with Magick?
It is easier to say what you Can't do with Magick. You can't make someone love you, but it can help you find love. It can't make an apartment appear, but it can help you find an apartment. When you do Magick it is best to remember some things. You should use Magick only after you have tried everything else. If you have not tried to lose weight and you go straight to Magick it may not work simply because of the way your using it. Magick is there to help you, not do everything for you. If you want to get of drugs and you have tried all you can, then use some Magick to help. If you want to find a love, but you have done everything you can to find one, then use some Magick. 

A few other things about Magick is that you should not try to take someones free will from them. You should not cast love spells, and if Aunt May is sick, but she is a hard core Christian and she dose not know you pagan and would not approve, but you wanna cast a spell to make her better, Don't. That is taking away her free will to Choose. 
Remember to take into account all the gray areas. If you want to help a friend get justice for something bad that happened to her, that is nice and all, but you should be careful about casting a spell for it. Your ideal of Justice and the universe may be to different things. 

The most important thing about Magick is to have fun. If you are worried about messing up or it not working the right way, chances are it wont. You have to believe in Magick for it to work. Would you just out of a plane with a parachute if you believed it would not open? I did not think so either. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sabbaths - Holidays

The witch's calender marks eight holidays during the solar year, called Sabbaths. In addition the 13 full moon which occur each year are also seen as holidays called Esbats, honoring the Goddess as Great Mother. 

I will list each Sabbath and what I do for each, or what little I know for each of them.

Samhain: October 31. This is the Celtic New Year and celebrates both life and death. It happens to mark the third and finial Harvest. This is when the Goddess as Crone takes the God to the underworld to wait to be reborn at Yule. The God and Goddess crossover make many a witch believe that the vial between life and death disappears and the dead come over and join the living to make merry.
Pumpkins, apples, nuts, thistle, oak leaves, sage, nutmeg, colors black, orange, Jake O Lanterns, Photos of deceased loved ones, Autumn flowers, squashes, corn cider, mulled wine, cranberry muffins, herbal teas. 
Yule: December 21, or Winter Solstice. This is the day the Mother Goddess gives birth to the Sun God. The Yule log is burned and candles come out to celebrate the return of the Sun, and the blessed Light. The Yule log is traditionally as a given and received as a gift to be decorated as seen fit. The light and Dark do battle and the Lights wins as the days grow longer. 
Holly, Mistletoe, Rosemary, Oak, Pine Cones, Nuts, Mulled Wine, Roast Turkey, Colors Red, Green, White, Silver, Gold, Yule Log (Oak or Pine), Wreaths, Strings of dried Flowers and Cinnamon sticks. Apples oranges, Yule Tree. 
Imbolc: February 1 or 2. This is a celebration of the waxing sun as the days grow warmer, candles are lit to help the son grow stronger. The Goddess is now a young maiden and will son be wed to the young God.
First Flower of the Year, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Colors White, Orange, Red, Lamps, Besom (Witch's Broom) Yellow Flowers, Dairy Products, Onions, Garlic, Spiced Wines, Seeds, Herbal Teas.
Ostara Spring Equinox, March 21. This comes on a day of balance between light and dark, but light is the stronger of the two. Life is reemerging and signs of life and Gaia's fertility are abundant. The young God and Goddess are also awakening to their own sexuality and desire for one another. This is a time of birth and prosperity.
Honeysuckle, Iris, Violet and all of the Spring Flowers, Jasmine, Rose, Strawberry, Color green, Yellow, Colors Eggs, Jelly Beans, Rabbits, Seeds, Leafy Green Vegetables, Spiced or Flowered cup Cakes, Fruits
Beltane: May 1. This celebrates the scared marriage of the God and Goddess and from their union will be born the bounty of the Autumn Harvest (Samhain) It also marks the transitional phase of the Goddess from young maiden to Mother as the God's seed takes root in her womb.
Honeysuckles, St john's Wort, Hawthorn, All Flowers, Frankincense, Lilac, Rose, Color Green, Soft Pink, Blue, Yellow, Broomsticks, May Pole, Baskets, Fresh Vegetables, Sweets, Spicy Foods, Beef, Stack, May Wine.
Litha: Summer Solstice, June 21. This marks the Sun God at the peek of his Power. He is at full strength when light and dark do battle again. Dark wins as the light begins to wane. 
Lavender, Chamomile, Rose, Daisy, Lily, Lemon, Color Blue, Green, Yellow, Dried Herbs, Potpourri, Seashells. Summer Flowers, Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Ale.
Lammas: July 31 (USA) This is the celebration of the first Harvest and a day to enjoy the earths abundance with feast of breads and grain. 
Symbolics: All Grains, Grapes, Black Berries, Sunflowers, Sandlewood, Rose, Aloes, Color Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Corn, Dollies, Weaving Crafts, Shafts of Grain, Breads, Cider, Pies and Jellies, Rice, Sweet Teas.
Mabon: Autumn Equinox September 21, This marks the three harvest. its Celebrated with Fruit harvesting and wine making like Ostara, Mobon is a time of balance between light and dark. Dark wins tell Yule.
Hazel, Corn, Acorns, Oak, Wheat Stalks, Cypress Cones, Pine Cones, Sage, One, Color Orange, Dark Red, Brown, Acorns, Pomegranates, Pine Cones, Baskets of Fallen Leaves, Bread, CornBread, Beans, Squash, Apples, Roots, Carrots, Potatoes, Onions, Cider. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Were we stand.

I think it is time I spill the beans. I do not know if you think I am wiccan or what, but I want to clear it up. I am not wiccan. I was a long time ago, now I am just Pagan. I do not put myself in a category, I am just on a journey to learn. I love this Earth, and its people. I stand on the edge of the world and look out at everything. I wont be part of this group or that one. I am just a part of the Shadows, were I wish to remain. I want to stand back and only watch, not join in. 

I have heard tell of a growing thing call the Electric Pagan and if I must classify myself it would be there. I have this belief and it will sound crazy to you, but makes perfect since to me. 
I believe ALL Gods and Goddess exist, not just mine or yours, not just the pagan ones, but ALL of them. In ever religion you will find a god or goddess, and I believe they are all just as real.
That is the water version of me, don't expect much more, out side of my book. You will learn all you need to know about me from my book. 

The Pentacle, and Pentagram.

The Pentacle is a secret symbol who origins are rooted in the ancient times. It bears spiritual significance for a lot of cultures and religions groups. It is representative of  spirituality and security. The Pentacle is a Pentagram that is contained withing a circle.
 How ever the Pentacle may sometime be featured with out a circular bored, in which case it is referred to as a pentagram. 
(talk about me repeating myself all you like)
In ancient text the Pentacle is inscribed with different symbols and characters in addition the symbol was more often in the shape of a hexagram, then a Pentagram creating ambiguity in the association between the symbol and the number 5. Pentacles are usually made of parchment, paper or metal were you will find the five poined symbol is engraved. It can be used as an amulet during magical evocation by pagans.
( I was going to make a narrow catigory, but I know a lot of Pagan's who use the pentacle, but don't fall into a catiogory, such as myself.)
The Pentacle can also contain engravings on the reverse side as well as other protective symbols. Pagans also use this symbol to identify other users of Magick. This is more commonly found among people who are still in the broom closet. 
In Wiccan culture the Pentacle represents the interaction of the body and spirit, as well as the individuals spiritual dominance over the four elements, Earth, Air, Water, Fire.
It was also traced to the Goddess Kore. From the little I looked up Kore's scared fruit is the apple, which when cut at the equator revels a pentagram. The seeds mark the points.
The Pentacle also appears in the Hebrew Scripture as the first seal.

Gaia, The Greek Goddess of The Earth.


This is just the way I look at it, so if you do not agree with some things guess what..To bad..
Alright anyway, here we go..

Gaia or Ge is the earth. She is not really a deity but more of a power. There are two accepted versions of the classical creation, Hesiod's and Ouid's. I however prefer Hesiod's version, but I will still tell you a little about both.
They both start out the same way, with the emergence of from Chaos. Chaos had a Parthenogenic birth (One Parent Birth), after this point they go in different directions, so I will break it down a little. 

In Ouid's version you continue to see the hand of a creator at work. The creator populated Gaia with all the things you find today in nature, mountains, seas, flowers, ECT.

In Hesiod's version, my favorite, the first beings sprang into existence without cause or explanation. Gaia came first, the earth, then Tartarus, the lowest level of the underworld, then Eros, Erotic Love. Chaos continues giving birth by herself. She gives birth to Erebus and Nux. (more on them later post) In her sleep Gaia gives birth to Uranus, the universe, who comes alive as big and as powerful as Gaia, and Pontus, the sea. Uranus was so in love with, thanks to Eros, Gaia that he showers her with rain and that is how Gaia gives birth to the rest of creation. Gaia and Uranus give birth to the Titians, the Three cyclopes, and the three hundred armed Giants.

I have always believed that an oath sworn by Gaia is the strongest, because know one can escape the Earth.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Spiritual Creed

These are mine and mine alone. You may not agree with them, or even practice them. I care not. These are simple MINE, your opinion is not needed.

1. Preserve the Environment, to the best of YOUR ability.

2. Honor YOURSELF and OTHERS. YOUR body is your temple, worship it daily.

3. Respect OTHERS life choices as you would expect them to respect yours. 

5. View Sexuality as part of the life cycle. "Numinous and scard" 

6. Understand each action has a reaction, understand each thing you do, and remember what you send forth comes back three times.

7. Honor the Goddess