Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Casting A Circle, Should You?

At one time or another while setting up for your dance around the fire, you have thought, "Should I cast a circle?, Is it really necessary?" and the most common among us Noobs, "How do I cast a Circle?" I will try to answers those to the best of my ability. 

Should I cast a Circle?
If you want to, its up to you. I am one of those people that think, if your gonna practice Magick, do it your way. Sometimes I will lay down a circle if I'm in the mood, other times a throw some salt around, sit down and get to work. Then other times, I throw down a pillow and get to work with out so much as a salt circle, or much of a blessing. 

Is it really Necessary?
Do you think it is? If you think you need to then, yes it is necessary. If you don't think its necessary, then its not. If you feel better casting one then by all means, get to it. If you want to cast one, but don't know how I think I can help with that. 

How do I cast a Circle? 
Well you can do it any way you want to. It can be as big as you want or as small as you want. I lay down my circle with white chalk. Just draw a circle. I say a small blessing depending on what I am doing, to what ever deity I am doing it to. Some people draw a Pentagram and put a candle at each corner. They say a blessing at each corner. They use all kinds of things, and you can too. If you wanna do like I do, then get some chalk, a little salt to sprinkle around the circle, and get to work. If you wanna cast a really big circle, then get all the things you think you need. Chalk, Salt, Candles, Cloth, all the good stuff, and have fun. If your not having fun while your doing Magick, then your not doing it right. 


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