Saturday, November 6, 2010

Were we stand.

I think it is time I spill the beans. I do not know if you think I am wiccan or what, but I want to clear it up. I am not wiccan. I was a long time ago, now I am just Pagan. I do not put myself in a category, I am just on a journey to learn. I love this Earth, and its people. I stand on the edge of the world and look out at everything. I wont be part of this group or that one. I am just a part of the Shadows, were I wish to remain. I want to stand back and only watch, not join in. 

I have heard tell of a growing thing call the Electric Pagan and if I must classify myself it would be there. I have this belief and it will sound crazy to you, but makes perfect since to me. 
I believe ALL Gods and Goddess exist, not just mine or yours, not just the pagan ones, but ALL of them. In ever religion you will find a god or goddess, and I believe they are all just as real.
That is the water version of me, don't expect much more, out side of my book. You will learn all you need to know about me from my book. 


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