Saturday, October 30, 2010

Colors Alphabet

Amber - psychic sensitivity 

Black - removing hexes, protection, spirit contact

Blue - element of water, dreams, protection, health

Brown - element of earth, physical objects perseverance

Gold - success, power, prosperity, healing energy

Green - element of earth, lady luck, healing, balance, money

Lavender - spiritual and physical development, divination 

Orange - balance, clearing mind, healing, attract a need or want

Pink - healing, love, friendship

Purple - spiritual power and development, business matters, spiritual wisdom

Red - element of fire, passion, sexual energy, courage, enthusiastic

Silver - psychic development, beginnings, intuition, meditation 

Violet - psychic development, awareness, intuition   

White - understanding, clarity, peace, protection, truth

Yellow - element of air, contracts divination, mental clarity, creativity 


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